Define your Value Proposition

A unique tool specifically designed to provide consistent value-based stories tailored to everyone who interacts with your brand including ‘clients’, prospects, advocates, suppliers, partners, staff and key stakeholders.This page is used for listing the features offered by your company/service.

Attract only your ideal prospect

Forget demographics , it is a hangover from broadcast marketing. Today you have to develop a Psychographic profile so that the organisation can focus on engaging only those who you should be attracting.You can add any feature you want or edit the ones that are already listed.

Develop a One Page Business Plan

A working business plan on one page, linking the Brand Vision to One Number both of which should be driving all your business development. These create the numbers that underpin your systems, processes and marketing plan.

Audit your prospect journey

A systematic schematic of the journey that maps the experience of anyone interacting with your business. Often very revealing for an organisation when applied to the operational side and key to knowing where to amplify and improve the brand experience.

Define a clear GO-TO BRAND growth strategy

A measureable communication hierarchy that will define the messaging and activities at each level of The Brand Bucket® as prospects are engaged, nurtured, converted and looked after long term.

Drive sales with a Marketing Action Plan

A breakdown of all the recommended actions to bring the Marketing Strategy to life to enable the organisation to undertake projects to deliver the numbers derived in the One Page Business Map.

Oversee creative development, implementation and evaluation of all touchpoints.

The construction of a full production process to enable full creative development and implementation of your new powerful GO-TO BRAND that holds a unique position in the marketplace.