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Disruptor strategies to become the Go-To brand.

Why Barnaby

Why Barnaby
Barnaby Wynter Marketing and Rebrand Expert, Keynote Speaker, Paleontologist, Founder of The Brand Bucket Company, Author and Serial Entrepreneur.

I’m on a mission to help businesses make Marketing 4.0 work and make sense of marketing by harnessing the change of buyer power in the new digital age so you become the Go-To brand in your market.

Over 30 years ago, smarter people than me created The Brand Bucket 6 step buying decision-making process. I was lucky to be introduced to this in 1997 and even more lucky to be able to buy it 4 years later.

Set at the heart of a Top 200 agency and one of the UK’s first truly integrated marketing communications agencies, with it I was able to navigate the shift from Marketing 3.0 to Marketing 4.0 between 2001 and 2010. The Brand Bucket got stronger as an approach, as demonstrated by over 470 brand launches in which I was instrumental.

So, what's changed?

Put simply, the buyer has taken control of the buying process, away from the brand owner. As a result, the role of marketing has changed entirely. Its primary function is not only to get people to find you but to inspire them, to nurture them by helping them make sense of what's on offer as they make a decision to buy, taking them through the purchase and then helping them get the most from your product or service.

Marketing affects every part of the buyer experience and builds commercial relationships.

The Brand Bucket hasproven itself against outdated acquisition models for every business that has adopted it, providing a proven strategic template for your business to align directly alongside your systems and processes so they are designed around customer experience.

Currently The Brand Bucket approach is being embedded in a few select corporates via The Brand Bucket Company, a ten year old integrated marketing agency, supported by introductions to the approach via keynotes to conferences, via masterclasses to CEO groups and via books, blogs and banter online.

There has never been more pressing time to become the go-to brand in the digital economy.

P.S. Barnaby was recently nominated for the Marketing Week Marketing Masters Award  in the Charities and Non-Profit category for his recent work for Children with Cancer UK.

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Facilitating marketing insight across the globe

Working with organisers to create memorable events

When people give up time to attend your event they are far more discerning than ever before. Their expectations are heightened, so the way we create events has to fundamentally change. Memorable events rely on the key driver of business insight which in turn leads to the most valuable asset you can have today - an enlightened audience. Barnaby will facilitate just that.


Jeff Skinner, Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

"Barnaby captured the room – we threw him three of our most promising founders and – in real time and in front of an experienced audience – he deconstructed their business and gave them some great insights and thinking on the message they should convey to the world and how this followed through into their branding. We’d not attempted this learning format before and Barnaby carried it off with aplomb, demonstrating mastery of the field."

Chris Cowdery

Hi Barnaby, Well done, you did a great job promoting Ellenor and keeping the evening moving. You looked terrible in that suit but you can't have everything! Great brand. You now have my details. All the best, Chris

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Tanya Mann Rennick, The Black Pearl Club

"Barnaby, you connected with everyone in the room, before and after your talk, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to do that. The content of your presentation was fascinating, wonderfully paced , and pitched at the perfect level for the calibre of the guests in the room. It would be easy with your level of success and expertise in your field to come across as patronising but there was not a hint of it. Instead you engaged and provoked thought by giving one of the most stimulating talks we have ever had. Bringing your suitcase of examples was really well received: people love visuals and the towel was unforgettable."


Upcoming Events

Title Date Location
Business Development Bureau Webinar 11 Jun 2020 Online Event
London Business School - Ask an Entrepreneur 16 Jun 2020 Online Event
Midlands Leadership Group 08 Jul 2020 Online Event
ASPIRE -Leadership Gateway Ltd 24 Nov 2020 East Midlands, UK

Past Events

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Home Grown - Member events 15 May 2020 Online Event
7 Pillars of successful marketing - CPD Commission 14 May 2020 Online Event
Bromley Business Network 13 May 2020 Online Event
Drop in CEO Podcast 08 May 2020 Online Event
Redesign your Business 08 Apr 2020 Online Event
MD2MD CEO GROUP -How to become the go-to brand. 24 Mar 2020 Swindon Village Hotel, Swindon Moved online to Zoom
London Business School - Ask an Entrepreneur 18 Feb 2020 London Business School
Midlands Leadership Group- How to become the go-to brand 29 Jan 2020 Lichfield WS14 9RE, UK
The Guild of Entrepreneurs - Make an Impact in 2020 28 Jan 2020 Islington High Street, London N1 8XB, UK
Bayesian Society - The History of Marketing 23 Jan 2020 The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells
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Roedean Pathways Lectures -Introduction to Branding 09 Dec 2019 Roedean School, Brighton, UK
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MIke Walmsley Live Webinar 06 Nov 2019 Online
Grow Your Digital Agency Summit 23 Oct 2019 London, UK
The Guild of Entrepreneurs- Ask an Entrepreneur 15 Oct 2019 London Business School
Marketing Week Awards 02 Oct 2019 The Brewery, London
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Supercharge your Speaker Brand Webinar 18 Jan 2019 Online
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The Only One Business Show

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How should businesses position themselves during this crisis and what how should you market yourself. Barnaby Wynter Marketing and Rebrand Expert, Keynote Speaker, Paleontologist, Founder of The Brand Bucket Company, Author and Serial Entrepreneur joins Frankie Goodman and Nigel Whittaker from Pure B2B Masterminds for an overview of what has change in these times and what you should and shouldn't be doing.

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