Keynote Speaker

Barnaby has been speaking professionally now since 2009 and has addressed over 17,000 business owners across the globe including Iran, Switzerland, Australia and all over the UK.

The advantage of having actively worked with over 457 brands means that each keynote can be adjusted to the specific needs of the audience by sector, by experience and by business life stage.

To achieve this, any enquiry is followed up by an initial conversation ( face to face, zoom, teams, telephone) as to the specific outcomes of the event. From this Barnaby will respond with a written proposal outlining, in detail, the structure of the keynote and any other services ( on stage interviews/Q+A's/ supporting workshops/one2one sessions with key attendees).

This structure is agreed with the organiser before a fee is agreed at which point a contract will be issued. The date is confirmed once the agreed deposit is paid.

Once a date is agreed Barnaby will provide pre-event publicity materials to help with marketing of the event and indeed after the event will gladly provide additional materials for attendees. 

In this way an event can become much more than just about the day and create a lasting experience.

Current Keynotes: 

  • Supercharge your brand in the digital economy
  • How to become the Go-To brand in the digital economy
  • Developing your personal brand
  • The history of marketing with an AI on the future 

    Watch Barnaby in action: The first speaker film in 360 degrees so you can rotate  the film and see the audience reaction at any time. Go on try it.

‘Barnaby Wynter is informative, challenging, entertaining, smart, and tuned into an audience like you wouldn’t believe.’ – Limelight Publicity

Hi Barnaby

It was a fantastic talk on Tuesday providing lots of food for thought, and a groan from me when you mentioned that Google was substantially changing how they work this year.