Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Barnaby prides himself that he has been able to develop a professional speaking career alongside providing a full integrated marketing strategy programme for major corporates, small to medium enterprises and charities.

With over 470 brand launches to his name, he has developed a comprehensive approach to enable a business to fundamentally change their systems and processes to become marketing led, key to the success of many businesses today.

The Brand Bucket® Foundation programme includes the following:

1. Defining your Value Proposition

2. Indentifying your ideal prospect psychographically

3. Completing a one page business plan

4. Capturing the prospect journey as a Brand Audit

5. Constructing a business centric marketing strategy

6. Agreeing a measurable 6 month marketing action plan

7. Executing creative brand building campaigns

Each programme tends to take between 6-12 months  and involves workshops, one to ones, internal departments and external services.

This is where the rubber meets the road and provides demonstrable results which in turn can be reflected in other areas of the business. Barnaby limits himself to working with 5 organisations each year.

If this is something that is of interest then the first port of call might be to read The Brand Bucket® : Make Your Marketing Work and see if it resonates with your view of marketing today.Available from Amazon here.