Published by Management 2000 books The Brand Bucket: Make your marketing work is available through Amazon. It will change the way you see marketing.  It explains how marketing has changed, what brand is about today and provides you with a methodology to take back to your own business and become marketing led.

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The book maps out the decision making process that turns prospects into long term consumers and gives you practical things to do as you go along and even provokes a little thought too.

In 1985 SAAB Automotive commissioned a large piece of research to establish how people bought motor cars. The resulting work led to the creation of The Brand Bucket , a six-step decision-making model designed to turn potential customers into long-term customers.

The approach turned out to be so successful that it has since been rolled out and applied to over 2,700 products and services worldwide.

In the last 10 years the author has enhanced this core methodology with a number of other working tools, bringing in all the elements of the New Media and interactive marketing techniques to create a unique marketing methodology for the 21st century approach to marketing.

Every company is staring at its order book looking for ways to improve it. This book shows you how.

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