>BSC Hons in Psychology 1985
>Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising
>Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing
>5 ad agencies incl.Ogilvy & Grey 1987-1999
>Became youngest Top 200 MD on joining the 6th
>Purchased agency and The Brand Bucket® 2001
>Initiated The Brand Bucket programme 2002
>Became platform speaker in 2003
>Published in 2005
>Professional Speaker 2007
>Brand Bucket  Programme completed 2009
>Published Marketing Book 2010
>Opened The Brand Bucket Company 2010
>Voted Top 50 Marketing Thinker over 50 in 2014
>Joint President Prof. Speaking Assoc.S.East 2014
>The Brand Bucket ELearning Academy Dean 2015

Barnaby’s career first started at Lonsdales moving to a small agency in Clerkenwell from where he was headhunted to Ogilvy and Mather. After 6 years, he moved to creative hot shop Mellors Reay. When taken over by Grey, he moved again to join Dave Trott at a new agency WTCS. Again he was headhunted to become one of the youngest MD’s of a top 200 ad agency at 37. He bought the agency in 2001 from the founders and with it The Brand Bucket methodology.

The following 10 years were spent reformatting how marketing should be made to work for clients, concluding with the disbanding of the London office in 2010 and a move to an internet enhanced collaborative service approach, including an eLearning platform that is thriving today.

Talk to Barnaby direct
Phone: +44 (0)7771 750 358
Email: barnaby@thebrandbucketcompany.com


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“I liked the examples/illustrations used to add texture. The simple elegance of the bucket model and buckets of experience.”
Sam Ithell, Hard Hat Business Advice